‘I hope the sun is rising on a new phase of human history where my needs and the needs of all life are met, through your collective love and conditional expression. I yearn for nothing more.” ~ Mother Earth. Image: Maroubra Beach,Sydney, Australia

A Letter from Mother Earth to Each and Everyone of Us.

Timothy James Guthrie


Dear Humanity,

Today, in some parts of the world, it is Mother’s Day.

And as far as mothers go in our world, I believe I am the oldest, and with all due respect, the most important.

I have been here from the beginning and have witnessed and experienced your every move.

I am not well.

And have not been well for a long time.

But you have known this. My suffering has hardly been secret. Nor has the suffering of those of you who do not get to share in my spoils.

I am writing this letter so you know me from my perspective.

So, you see life as I see life.

And so you see yourselves, as I see you.

Know that my relationship with each of you is personal. And, as such, I will experience you exactly as you are.

I will either benefit from your expression and the way you live.

Or I will suffer because if it.

But as you will see, quite often, how you view yourself and how I view you, are very different.

I hear you speak so often of what is acceptable and unacceptable in this day and age, even as you tear the flawed and imperfect among you to shreds.

But before I go on, remember this.

You are the day and age that shut life down. It was your abuse that pushed life beyond its limits. It was your day and age where a genuine love and care for life, and for the sacred humanity of others was never more absent.

And so, life collapsed.

What you want individually and what I need to thrive has been, in far too many instances, completely contradictory.

Be sure that I do not permit unnecessary abuse of my body for any reason. Not for business, economics or for the indulgence of individual notions of abundance and success.

Did you ever think I would willingly allow myself to be prostituted in service of your greed?

Would you sell the body of your own children for economic gain?

Sadly, today, in your own way, many of you do. So I guess I should not be surprised.

But still, I go on.

Neither do I acknowledge fame and celebrity status as valid excuses for the excessive living that robs me of my dream of caring for all of my children, while having some sense of personal peace and balance as I do so.

I hear those who have lived excessive lives say life has been kind to them. But I say they have been unkind to life.

I hear the greedy and excessive say they have done well and would like to give back.

But it’s the taking that breaks my back.

Parts of your world are obese and emotionally broken. Others, weak and desperate in their hunger.

Does that sound like a world built on love?

Your day and age?

The one where people visualise the life of their individual dreams and set about fulfilling these dreams, completing individual bucket lists, while elsewhere children starve.

And while my own health is being decimated.

Have I not been crying out in anguish? Has my erratic behaviour not been testimony to the abuse I have suffered at the hands of your greedy and selfish ways?

Have you listened to my allegations of abuse?

Your world loves to point an accusatory finger towards others. And now I am pointing mine.

Doing something in the name of profit, or because it is great for business or the economy, does not alter how I experience that something one little bit.

I am one earth.

Not lots of little ones charged with meeting the demands of separate locations. My role is to take care of and provide for all.

And like any physical system, I work to laws of balance.

And each of you will either be supportive of my search for personal balance, or destructive of it.

If one part of the world is breaking my back with its demands, somewhere, someone must be missing out.

Never forget one can kill with a weapon. And one can kill with greed.

Your world crucifies those who do so with a weapon, or even with words, and yet celebrate, envy and adore those who do so with greed.

Those in the high-income world love to position themselves on a moral high ground. But I see no such place in that world.

And, even if there was, those who genuinely live with love and care for your sacred humanity would harbour no desire to take it.

Their love is available to all.

You speak of unprecedented times.

And there are some who are changing their ways.

But not out of love for me. I would not feel as I do if I were loved.

You live in unprecedented times because the extent of your abuse — of life — is unprecedented. So great, life had to shut down.

You had to be stopped because you couldn’t stop yourselves.

Remember, just having enough food to survive would represent unprecedented times for millions of others.

From the beginning of time you were told to care for me.

To not sell me out for economics.

To honour the Sabbath, or if you prefer, a day of rest. Where you and I get to take a break. To allow the systems we share to relax, rest and regenerate.

Do you think this instruction was make believe? Or an optional request?

Did you really think you would be given the gift of life without instructions on how to care for it?

You love to take time to meditate and rest. You know how helpful rest is to your system, but you do not afford me this same opportunity.

You abuse me and offer me no respite from the abuse.

Know that your non-stop abuse of me is carried out without my consent. And contradictory to the instructions you were given on how to care for me.

And yourselves.

You do not have my permission to treat me the way you have. You never have.

The problem?

You never could say, ‘no’.

You never were prepared to put conditions on your expression and demands so that all life — including me — was kept sacred.

And yet, that was the only way life could ever work. The only way life could ever ‘feel’ okay.

A world that valued, pursued and became deeply attached to the fulfilment of individual wants, had to find itself in the place it finds itself in today.

I now ask each of you individually, the following question.

How can life work for me, and everyone who relies on me, unless you are prepared to put conditions on your expression so that who you are is supportive of the needs of all life?

How can life feel well, how can I feel well, unless you are supportive of my needs?

The truth is, it can’t, and I can’t!

It is me who needs your conditional expression.

As does all life.

Is this not what was asked of you from the beginning of time.

Say no to the things that would be abusive to me.

Honour the needs of life before all else.

This cannot be done without you putting conditions on your expression and demands.

It is your conditional expression which demonstrates, in action, your unconditional love for me.

Individuals abusing me for their own advantage while expecting others not to, does not work for me. It never has and it never will.

Abuse in the name of economics doesn’t change what it is for me.

But you know that.

I write to you today so I can be heard. And so you can see what this world feels like for me.

Saying you love me doesn’t help me. Taking everything you individually want and desire doesn’t help me.

Your living excessively is not supportive of my health.

And your rejection of the Sabbath denies me time I need desperately, to regenerate and recharge.

I also write so life can feel different — quieter and more peaceful.

I do not write so you will feel guilt or shame.

There is enough of that in our world.

But I do write so you will be gentler on those whose humanity has failed them. And extend them the love, respect and compassion you seek for yourself.

Even if you believe they aren’t deserving.

But, in truth, who in a very human experience is not worthy of love and respect?

As you have seen, from where I sit, abuse comes in many forms. And some of the most accusatory and judgemental have been the most abusive of me, when it comes to the things I do and do not, consent to.

And when it comes to the things I need to feel well.

I write so you will tread gently.

Upon me, and in your relationships with others.

This is what I ask on this sacred Mother’s Day.

That from this moment on it is a genuine and actioned love of all life that guides your individual and collective expression and demands.

Everyone relies on me.

And you will either support me and my dream of fulfilling my duty — or you won’t.

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not an easy life I crave.

I want to serve and make sacrifices for all life as many of you do.

But I want to be extended the same care and respect you expect to receive for yourselves.

And I want my needs to be met.

They haven’t been. And nor have those of far too many of my beloved children.

You see, concepts such as celebrity, fame and individual success are figments of your imagination.

Your abuse of life is not.

I finish this letter by asking that your love for me be actioned. And actioned in the way I need it to be actioned.

Not in the way you want, for your own advantage.

I ask, with honour and dignity, yet with a voice sprinkled with desperation, for your conditional expression.

I ask you to consider my needs.

And I ask you to say ‘no’, to the things which abuse me.

Consider this letter a personal letter to each of you.

I am leaving no one out of my request.

Now we’ll see if it is love you genuinely feel for me.

Or if you prefer the illusion of care provided by social media posts, protests and attacks on others whose only crime is that they abuse life in a different way to you.

Life can feel better.

For all of us.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother Earth!

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Timothy James Guthrie

Advocate of God and Life. Expressing their wishes for our world, through their contemporary word and new commandment — that we live with Conditional Expression.