Morals — One of Life’s Greatest Enemies

Timothy James Guthrie
7 min readJul 29, 2021


The judgement of the flawed and imperfect, by the self-righteous, enters our world under the guise of righteousness and virtue. A spotlight shone upon those whose humanity is of an inadequate standard. But the true nature of this light is dark and sinister. A light cloaked in darkness. This is not the work of love. And our world is no better for it.

One of the two greatest enemies of love in our world is the concept of morals.

Not in the sense of how they guide our own personal behaviour, but in how we apply them as a permission slip to destroy another.

So, an enemy not because they exist in our world, but an enemy because of how we use them.

Much like money, opportunity and social media.

The high income world uses morals as a foundation for flooding our world with hate and judgement when the humanity of one our kindred spirits fails them.

Our humanity is something we cannot escape from.

Not one of us!

And rather than embrace this and apply this truth as a power for good, we turn it into a weapon, using it to destroy one another.

When does someone need respect, love and compassion the most?

Of course, it is when their humanity has let them down. When they are at their lowest or have made their greatest mistake.

We use these moments to destroy.

‍To publicly humiliate and judge.

To attack with venom and spite, as if we are doing the world a favour.

Our world!

The high-income world that has brought life to its knees. An almost timeless world, within an inch of complete collapse. And still we line up to throw stones.

For God’s sake!

And I mean that.

What have we become?

Never — ever — forget, every attack on another human being makes our world uglier.

And sicker.

Not because of what some poor soul has done.

But because of those who seek to destroy them. Because of the virtuous judgment — of which there is no such thing, of course — of the self-righteous.

You want to speak of morals?

Is there anything more immoral, then, in a human experience than attacking and destroying the very nature of what we are? Or what someone was born into?

We should also understand that what life believes to be morally sound behaviour — if there is such a thing — is far more expansive than ours.

Life runs to a vastly different value system to us. And has as its foundation a set of principles and laws which are contradictory to those the contemporary humanity of the developed world applies to their lives.

Life experiences all.

And our earth wants to care for all.

So they view our world in terms of everything that happens. Connecting all the dots that have led to things being the way they are for them.

Not for us as individuals.

They do not view a thousand starving children as separate from the lavish lifestyle and excessive demands of just one person from our world.

No, they see and experience it all.

We rip into another for what we might consider their abuse of our world, but turn a blind eye to our abuse of them.

Them being God.


And our great Mother Earth.

How does this play out?


We say, ‘how could he say such a thing?’

God says, ‘why have YOU got so much when so many children starve!’

We say, ‘I can’t believe they did that?’

God says, ‘I can’t believe YOU won’t honour the Sabbath, extending all life the regenerative rest it requires to survive!’

We say, ‘how could someone kill another?’

God says, ‘the greed of the high income world is responsible for more deaths than one could ever count. Including that of life itself. And for the great traumas experienced by our earth.’

We say, ‘I can’t believe they stole from that person!’

God says, ‘every time YOU use the words or ideas of another to appear clever and wise, without honouring the source of the wisdom, a theft has occurred. What kind of gratitude is that? Profiting from a gift! And stealing to be seen as impressive!’

We say, ‘that person is inadequate and unworthy of love and respect!’

God says, ‘No human being sits outside love’s reach. If an expression seeks to shame or destroy, anyone, it is not love. Love rejects no one, for love refuses to poison our world at any cost! To sit in judgment of another is not reflective of a higher position or consciousness. It is evidence of lower human functioning and a gutter consciousness.’

We say, ‘how impressive and beautiful am I? Look what I have done! Look how I live! Look at my handstand!’ Or, ‘look how humble I am. Check out my real body. How simple my life. How honoured I feel to be so charitable!’

God says, ‘boastfulness and self-promotion are neither impressive nor a thing of beauty. Such expressions bring nothing into our word other than self-serving noise. Regardless of whether that noise is promoting one’s greatness, success and achievement or their flaws and imperfections. It is all the same to life — poison!’

We say, ‘it’s a business!’

God says, ‘My world is not a marketplace. It never was and never will be. Just because you have tried to make it so, does not make it so. See how sick you have made my world. All life is sacred. It is the temple. It is my body. If you marketplace life, you are marketplacing me!’

We say, ‘Freedom is being able to be, do and have whatever we want, when we want!’

God says, ‘you are also free not to abuse life. Free not to be excessive. Free not to steal. Free not to boast. Free to honour the Sabbath. Free not to value economics over the sanctity of life. Free not to do whatever you want, when you want. Free to be what life needs you to be. Free to say ‘no’ to the things that abuse our world — especially when it means you might go without.

You will never be denied the freedom to honour all life as sacred. This — my greatest gift and most valuable human asset — I will never take from you!’

Our world is not sick because of one person’s mistake.

It is sick because of the global-wide toxic expression and outrage of those who sit in judgment.

We reserve the right to forgiveness and compassion when our own humanity fails us.

And then pull out the swords and stones when others suffer the consequences of their humanity.

If any expression is not sourced in love — it is worthless to our world.

In fact, worse than that, it is sickening to our world!

Love cuts through the illusion of morals because it seeks its home in truth.

It knows a toxic and poisonous expression, is a toxic and poisonous expression.

Be it boastfulness or judgment — no matter how we dress them up, through promotion of a personal brand or the assumption of a moral high ground — life sees through the illusions and masquerades.

It cannot be fooled.

Because it is life that must experience them.

Love wants no harm to come to our world.

To life, we are all what we are.

Not what we portray to the world. And highly likely not even what we think we are.

And what of the other great enemy of life? Remember, a misuse of morals was only one.

The other is our eyes.

Not the eyes themselves, but, again, how we choose to use them.

The gift God considers one of his greatest mistakes.

Giving us eyes.

That, and assuming we would choose faith and love in order to preserve the health and dignity of his world. And keep it well.

You see, even God refused to eradicate our humanity, even though he knew it would cost him his life.

And here we are eradicating our humanity and choking human expression because we do not like it.

Well, at least the humanity of others.

To God and life, it is a loveless world.

And that is why it is so ill.

Not because the self-righteous are failing to correct us all — but because we are yet to fall in love with the truth of our humanity.

Worlds built upon genuine love do not collapse like ours.

That is what happens to worlds built upon greed, judgement and self-promotion.

To be clear, none of this is about right or wrong. Or identifying good and bad people. It simply explains how the things we do impact our world.

And no one will convince me the things the high income world have been doing to life are supportive of life.

And so it is.


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